Halloween Makeup Contest Winners

Thank you to everybody who participated in the Halloween Makeup challenge over on the Shiro Facebook page! Everyone who submitted a look will receive at minimum a $5 gift certificate, except for the category winners shown below who get a bit more. All participants, please email me at caitlin (at) shirocosmetics (dot) com to claim your coupon codes!

(Please note: in order to most effectively share the love, one person cannot win more than one category. In the event that a person would have won more than one category, that person was assigned the win for the prize of greater monetary value and eliminated from the running for the other.)

Without further ado!

Best Dinosaur – $15
Winner: Shannon B.


Best Character Makeup – $20
Winner: Roxanne B.


Best Mask – $25
Winner: Sterling M.


Best Gore – $25
Winner: ヴァネッサ ぱみゅぱみゅ


Overall Favorite – $50
Winner: Jessica A.



Other Really Cool Stuff  – $10 each
Winners: Amy B., Elise F., Devin N., Julie H.







Thanks again to all the participants, and don’t forget to email for your prizes!

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