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Bare Minerals Eye Shadow

I was at the mall today when I passed by the Bare Minerals store, so I stopped in since I had a question about their mineral eye shadows. I’ve been looking for ingredient information online and can’t find anything specific, and nothing relevant is printed on the bottom of the jars, either, which I find very off-putting.

I found a saleswoman and asked her if she knew the ingredients in the eye shadows, adding, “Are they straight mica?” She responded with “No, definitely not straight mica! Um… there’s… Bismuth in them. There isn’t any titanium dioxide. And oh, yeah, I guess there is some mica in there! That’s why they’re all shimmery! But they’re all a mix of all kinds of different minerals. Iron oxide and tin oxide and stuff.” I thanked her and left.

Guess I’m still not going to try Bare Minerals eye shadow.

Have you tried it? Do you have any idea what’s in it?

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