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Color Change List

Hello everybody! I’ve made some changes to the older Shiro collections, so here’s a post of all the old colors and which ones correspond to the new names or have been discontinued. If a color is not on this list, then no changes have been made to that color.

*Original Name -> Current Name*

Super Effective Collection
Brock the Rock -> Daycare
Vulpix -> Bicycle Voucher
Moltres -> Discontinued (too similar to Vulpix)
Seaking -> Discontinued (nobody buys it)
Charmander -> Flamethrower
SS Anne -> Sweet Honey
Meowth -> Whiteout
Rapidash -> Discontinued (too similar to Impossible)
Dunsparce -> Shield-Eater (moved to Legends Collection)
Pikachu -> Thunderbolt
Weepinbell -> Discontinued (nobody buys it)
Spinarak -> Discontinued (nobody buys it)
Budew -> Discontinued (too similar to Kokiri Forest)
Acid -> Rupee (moved to Legends Collection)
Bulbasaur -> Vine Whip
Wobbuffet -> Discontinued (nobody buys it)
Articuno -> Discontinued (nobody buys it)
Manectric -> Emancipation Grid (moved to Science Collection)
Squirtle -> Bubblebeam
Gyarados -> Evolve
Zubat -> Repel
Poliwrath -> Discontinued (too similar to You Were Adopted)
Gengar -> Not Very Effective
Mewtwo -> Discontinued (nobody buys it)
Lance the Dragon Trainer -> Elite Four
Rattata -> Team Rocket
Butterfree -> Smell Ya Later
Spiritomb -> Reverse Psychology (moved to Science collection)
Jigglypuff -> Discontinued (too similar to Din’s Fire)
Team Rocket -> Master Ball
Porygon -> Eye Contact
Mew -> Discontinued (nobody buys it)
Shaymin -> Discontinued (nobody buys it)
Clefairy -> Discontinued (nobody buys it)
Vileplume -> Discontinued (nobody buys it)
Magneton -> Boy or Girl?
Steelix -> Victory Road
Golem -> Can’t Escape
Sudowoodo -> Roadblock
Hyper Beam -> Missingno

Legends Collection
Subrosia -> Goron Ruby
Dimitri -> Discontinued (nobody buys it)
Likelike -> Discontinued (will be replaced with Dunsparce)
Ricky -> Discontinued (nobody buys it)
Rupee -> Discontinued (will be replaced with Acid) 
Kokiri Forest -> Kokiri Emerald
Link -> Hero of Ages
Zora -> Zora Sapphire
Oshus -> Discontinued (nobody buys it)
Moosh -> Ocarina
Ocarina -> Discontinued (nobody buys it)
Veran -> Dark Sacrifice
Zelda -> Princess
Midna -> Twilight Realm
Goron -> Discontinued (least popular color EVER)

Science Collection
Outright Fabrication -> Discontinued (nobody buys it)
Huge Success -> Discontinued (nobody buys it)
I Feel Fantastic -> Discontinued (nobody buys it) 
Unsatisfactory Mark -> Champion (moved to Super Effective Collection)
Emancipation Grid -> Discontinued (replaced with Manectric)
Reverse Psychology -> Discontinued (replaced with Spiritomb)
2+2=10 -> Discontinued (nobody buys it)

Valentine’s Collection
/love -> Legendary (moved to Super Effective Collection)
/hug -> I Like Shorts (moved to Super Effective Collection)
/kiss -> Ditto (moved to Super Effective Collection)

And that’s it! Full-size jars of all discontinued colors will be available on sale on my website within the next two days. They will be $3.50 each instead of the usual $5, available for at least a couple of weeks, and if you just can’t live without it then two jars would probably be enough to last a lifetime. ^_^