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Pokemon Makeup Challenge Winners!

To celebrate 2000 “Likes” on the Shiro Cosmetics Facebook, we had a contest for Pokemon-inspired makeup looks! The following have won gift card prizes – please email me at for your code if one of these is yours. All entries may be viewed here.

Voters’ Choice

Pokemon League Champion : Gyarados by Charlotte Smith – $50 gift card

Elite Four #1: Ivysaur by Jessica Agerton – $35 gift card

Elite Four #2: Koffing by Roxanne Baker – $35 gift card

Elite Four #3: Drifloon by Rachel Massey – $35 gift card

Elite Four #4: Mudkip by Kylie “Bonersaurus Rex” – $35 gift card


Judges’ Choice (excluding repeat entrants)

For Wearability and Amazing Eyebrows: Skuntank by Johanna Tillberg – $20 gift card


For Adorableness in Every Possible Way: Togepi by Shannon Blair – $20 gift card


For General Excellence (srsly that looks awesome): Vileplume by Nancy Hernandez – $20 gift card


Don’t forget to email me to claim your prizes! Congratulations, and thanks to all who participated. ❤

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Dinosaur Poems!

If you like Shiro Cosmetics on Facebook (and if you don’t, you should, otherwise you could miss out on awesome stuff like this), you already ought to know about the 500-fans Dinosaur giveaway. When I reached 500 fans, I asked what I ought to do to celebrate, and somehow we all came to the conclusion that I ought to send people dinosaurs. I purchased a dozen toy dinosaurs from the Internet (pictured below) and told people to enter to win by emailing me a dinosaur poem.

I promised to post all the entries on my blog, even the ones that didn’t win –  so, with no further ado, here are the runners-up!

Christine K.
They capture our imagination,
They eat pesky lawyers
Maul annoying theorists
And even scare little kids!
They’ll run amuck in parks,
Abandoned bases and San Francisico;
And somehow, manage to eat a whole ship’s crew –
Without leaving the cargo bay!
Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous;
Obviously everyone will agree,
The best dinosaurs came from three.
Triceratops, Tyrannasaur, and the largest sauropod;
The most violent species, good god!
From fossils and paintings,
Speculation and rantings,
Silly names and stutterings;
Dinosaurs are awesome.
…Why did I ever stop wanting to be one when I grew up?

Violet R.
little plastic dinosaur,
you sit up on my shelf and roar.
you attack my army men,
and sometimes barbies ken.
I’ll get a bunch more of you at the 99 cent store!

Sam E.
They dominate lands;
actually their graves. Curses!

Sarah A.
A triceratops named Judy
opened up a restaurant
but all the food she ever got
was the roadkill in the parking lot

Saila H.
There was a Bracchiosaurus that lived by a creek
She visited the forest every other week
For she had a little fling
With the most unlikely thing:
A T-Rex gentlemanly and meek

Joey A.
Dinosaur haiku.
I’m not creative, so…here:

Stephanie W.
Om Nom Nom Nom Nom
Dinosaurs eat yummy trees
And tasty humans

Katie M.
Taller than the trees, he stomped
Crushed the weak beneath his feet
Tyrannosaurus Rex, he was their king
Or at least, the one the rest feared most.

Do you think he wore a crown?
No, archaologists don’t believe.
Prehistorically, they found nothing
Not a shred of evidence that he was King.

He may have been the tallest,
He may have been the meanest,
And he may have eaten everything.
But now, Tyrannosaurus is gone…

Prehistory isn’t all quite gone
His bones are preserved in stone
We found them, the bones of this king
To display in a museum honorably.

Christie B.
Dinosaurs look big, mean and scary
I didn’t get close to see if they are hairy
They have big teeth to eat chomp on meat
I don’t think stilettos will fit on their feet
Some are short some as tall as the skies
But all Dinos look best with Shiro on their eyes.

Valerie S.
When you became extinct, what were you thinking?
Or did you have a thought at all?
“Oh no, the dinner is burning – oh no, here comes a great ball-”
Maybe there were no thoughts, just flames and smoke,
A mad dash to escape, but there was no hope.
What I would give to have just one of your kind,
a Tyrannosaurus, a Brontosaurus, just one would be fine.
But no, all we have are remains set up in stone,
no heart, no personality, only bone.

Kimberly D.
Great pterodactyl,
once upon the breeze you flew,
now in memory.

(the boyfriend of) Kimberly D.
Ponderous footsteps,
Fossil sea, the lords gathered,
ancient lizard kings.

Amie F.
The dinies on the bus go ROAR ROAR ROAR
The dinies on the bus go ROAR ROAR ROAR
All through the town!!!

The triceratops on the bus goes POKE POKE POKE
The triceratops on the bus goes POKE POKE POKE
All through the town!

The T-Rex on the bus goes CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP
The T-Rex on the bus goes CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP
All through the town!

The stegosaurus on the bus goes STOMP STOMP STOMP
The stegosaurus on the bus goes STOMP STOMP STOMP
All through the town!

The brontosaurus on the bus goes NOM NOM NOM
The brontosaurus on the bus goes NOM NOM NOM
All through the town!

The pteradactyl on the bus goes SKREE SKREE SKREE
The pteradactyl on the bus goes SKREE SKREE SKREE
All through the town!

The baby dinies on the bus go snooooore snoooore roooooar
snoooore snoooore roooooar
snoooore snoooore roooooar
The baby dinies on the bus go snooooore snoooore roooooar
alllll through the town!

Carolina G.
“Oh, big reptiles!
Animals of gigantic proportion!
Why did you lack the notion
Meteors are not to be invoked?

‘Cause of your sad ignorance
Appalachiosaurus won’t be eating nachos
And Velociraptors won’t be playing on the velocipedes!

No, oh no!
Instead, world is now bland and boring
and you can’t just ignore
how much fun it would be
if you could have stayed –
at least until you meet me!

I could climb Tyrannosaurus
and could slide Therizinosaurus!
I could ride Edmontonia
there would be no ‘monotonia’!  (portuguese for monotony)

Oh, you damned huge creatures
made of awesomeness and coolness
I’m sure one of you survived,
perhaps you are just a tad shy!

Come out of the deepest seas!
Or even the Loch Ness lake!
Come to my hand to take –
but not with a bite!
If you do, I promise,
there will be cake.”

**And the following are the lucky poets who have won a dinosaur!**

Erin M. – Anatomy of a Tyrannosaurus
Dine out?
Do I know?

Lacy S.
Little girls like ponies,
And little boys like dogs,
Dolls and trains and bears and planes,
Cops ‘n’ robbers, playing pogs.

But me, I always liked the best
Gnashy teeth and cutty claws,
Spiky backs and long long necks,
Dinosaurs were all there was!

To tell the truth (I can’t believe
I’d ever tell the whole wide net)
When I was young I’d be Littlefoot
And a fruit-roll-up Tree Star try to get.

I love them still! I can’t deny
The many stuffies that I yet own,
They are the best, these dinobeasts
To cuddle up when I’m alone. ❤

Ashley T.
A T-Rex and a Velociraptor sit and drink their tea
the T-Rex says to the Velociraptor: “You’re not as pretty as me.”
“But WHYYYY!?” asks the Velociraptor, its heart all filled with woe
“Because,” replies the T-Rex, “Your makeup is not from Shiro!”

Kaitlyn D. – Gilly the Dinosaur
Gilly the dinosaur was round and blue.
He loved his meats and his vegetables too.
But favorite of all, even more than a shoe,
Was a sawfish named Wackett he met at the zoo.

Colors were Gilly’s favorite to play.
With blue, red and yellow he mixed all day.
Wackett liked sparkles so she’d always say,
“THIS NEEDS MORE GLITTERS!” and sprinkle away.

In this way they made lots of cool dino things,
Like shadows and blushes and nice shiny rings.
When Gilly was shimmery up to his wings,
They wrapped all the colors and tied them with strings.

Wackett helped Gilly with all of his chores,
They picked up their toys and they swept all the floors.
They cleaned all the colors from windows and doors,
And when they were done they ate lots of smores.

Samantha S.
I stomp through the jungle
lifting my massive head
extending my tiny arms

you laugh and I eat you

if only
if only if only…
these little arms
could fit around
for a hug

meloncholy rex

Courtney S.
why hello there mr. dinosaur
i didn’t see you there.
i’d never expect a raptor
to be perched upon that chair.

you look so terribly dashing
with your top hat and your pipe
i thought raptors were vicious,
but i suppose that was all just hype.

why thank you mr. raptor,
i would adore a cup of tea!
and may i compliment your mustache?
it looks marvelous on thee!

well it was lovely chatting with you,
but i really must be going.
i think i heard your stomache growl.
i fear your appetite may be growing.

Stacey B.
There once was a T-Rex named Stevey,
Who was known to be rather greedy.
When his tum gave a rumble,
All his friends ran and tumbled,
As he’d get them if they were not speedy!

One day he met a triceratops,
Who had tripped and been hurt on the rocks.
Stevey looked on in glee,
At his easy free meal,
And ran quickly over licking his chops!

“Stop right there!” cried the poor panicked beast,
“I might look like a well deserved feast,
But I’m all skin and bone,
If you’ll leave me alone,
I’ll reward you if I am released!”

Now Stevey is not a clever Rex,
And found the offer somewhat complex,
So he stomped and he roared,
And finally deplored:
“I’ll return tomorrow!” and left somewhat vexed!

He hurried back the following dawn,
To discover his free meal had gone!
But after this session,
He has learnt the lesson:
That brains are more important than brawn!

Anastasia T.
Araucaria mirabilis are red,
Necronectes drydeni are blue,
In Soviet Russia,
“RAWR!” means dino loves you.

Carol C.
All… you… sucker Rex-ees ain’t got nothin’ on me,
On my three-horned-face, you can’t touch Tricera-T!
Got a frill round my head, but ain’t Elizabethan, stat –
The late Maastrictian days are where it’s at.
I’m Triceratops!
Wyoming watch out, I loved your crops
And I would’ve had more if the weather didn’t flop.

But watch out, world, I’m not gone forever;
My bro Spielberg resurrected me in the theater.
At Disney’s Jurassic P, the kids are my homies.
When they see me they be all up like:
“Ooh, Tricera-T!”

**The following are the top three, and something extra will be included with their dinosaur packages, hooray!**

Third Place: Nicole S.
Here is a poem that I’ve written
Of a dino with which I am smitten.
It’s unfinished, I fear:
For it would appear
Has no practical rhyme-us

Second Place: Lauren V.
“Dinosaur, oh dinosaur!
A large and frightful thing,
With sharpened teeth of twenty score,
And rough and slimy scales galore,
In colors bright as Spring.

To battle you will often go
All clad in garb of gold
With knives, machetes, and a bow
Atop your head that you did sew
From skins of warriors cold.

Your sense of fashion, far and wide,
Is known to be quite grand –
Your wigs are beautifully dyed
And you would make a gorgeous bride
To any in the land.

But waste no time on men
Who may be uncouth in their speech,
Or those unskilled with sword or pen –
And if they should disturb your zen,
Snack on them like a peach!”

First Place: Kimberly D. – An Ode to Dinosaurs
Prior to the dawn of man there walked upon the earth,
those fearsome beasts and bird like beings which Dr. Hammond birthed.
Oh dinosaurs, we call your name and wish that we could see,
your height, your size, horrific eyes and damn big scary teeth,
Yet your remains until this day lay buried in the earth.

Unless, by chance! We find a way to extract DINO DNA then sadly I remain,
unable to pronounce your names, Pachycephalosaurians.
Oh dinosaurs, oh dinosaurs! Ye who suffered such a fate,
a meteor by chance, or lo? The theories can’t relate.

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Intertubes and Moar

It’s probably about time I updated this thing considering I’ve released two new collections since the last business-related update, huh? I suppose there’s not much point in “introducing” the Legends Collection, which has been around for months, but I can tell you about last week’s latest (and greatest?) release: Intertubes!

Intertubes are basically a combination of all of my favorite things about lip products. They’re moisturizing, non-sticky, long-lasting, slightly glossy, flavored, colored (usually), and nerdy. They come in those adorable little oval tubes and the labels are waterproof. They’re also vegan – no carmine and no beeswax. However, there the similarities end: some of them stain for all-day color and some of them don’t. Some are opaque and some are sheer. Some have long cats* and some do not. Therefore, for the sake of accurate consistency in all listings, I decided to call them Tubes of Win.

The vegan-ness actually presented me with an interesting dilemma during the formulation process. Even though my products are vegan, I myself am not, and I happen to absolutely love the feel of beeswax in lip balms. Most of the vegan lip products I’ve tried which use candelilla or carnauba wax are too hard for me, and apply too thin and oily-feeling. I decided to go with candelilla wax for my Intertubes, since it has a lower melting point than carnauba wax and was therefore, I figured, slightly more similar to beeswax. I then used the wax in different proportions with shea butter and jojoba oil until something fantastic happened: I found a recipe that feels very similar to a beeswax-based balm. Achievement unlocked!

(Please note that all claims made in the previous paragraph about the nature of various waxes are based only on my personal experience. I’ve liked the feel of almost every balm I’ve tried which contains beeswax, and have been iffy on every balm I’ve tried where candelilla or carnauba wax is used and beeswax is not. OBSERVATIONAL SCIENCE.)

So, those are the Intertubes! Now on to the next thing I wanted to post about…

People have been increasingly concerned lately that naming my products after Nintendo’s characters is a violation of their trademarks. There are a number of reasons I’m unconcerned about being sued by Nintendo, but I also don’t want to make anyone nervous or upset for any reason, and making the names more subtle does appeal to me on a few different levels anyway. So, I’m going to be working on renaming most of my Super Effective and Legends collections over the next few months whenever I have time (ha). When I start changing the names over, I’ll post a list of what everything has been renamed so that you’ll be able to locate your old favorites easily. If this makes you sad and you favor the old names, you can… I don’t know, send me a conversation when you order and ask for yours to be labeled as they were originally. Sure.

Oh, and one last thing! My turnaround time at the moment is up to 7 business days, which is kind of long but still (I think?) within the boundaries of a “reasonable” turnaround time for an independently operated, handmade business. Recently I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries from customers after 6-8 days of their order as to where their packages are, and a lot of these inquiries come one or two days after I’ve already shipped their package out. I always send a conversation via Etsy on the evening that an order is placed to let you know when I’ll have it out and, if you live in the US, I’ll give you a tracking number as well. Sometimes Etsy doesn’t send email notifications to let you know that you have a conversation, so please check that out before asking me about your package – thank you!

*actually, only one has a long cat.

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Shiro Cosmetics: Goals, Timeline

I’m one of those sorts of people who can only work efficiently under a deadline. So, in order to motivate me to get stuff done, here’s what I want to do by the end of the year. Please feel free to be helpful by getting on my case if dates are coming up and I’m still being a lazy bum!

September 20-30: Blend large amounts of Super Effective colors. Order more ingredients where necessary; order at least 600 more full-size jars.

October 1-7: fill 5 full-size jars of every color; save for the Friday on Fremont event. Plan to bring all the extra jars for restocking on the go.

October 8: Have all new colors finished.
Currently completed: 12/30

October 8, 9: Participate in the 2nd Friday on Fremont event. Sell stuff. Make money.

October 10: Take photographs of all new colors. Format them during the following week.

October 15-17: Post all new colors.

October 31: Release 2 mini collections. Have a 1-week sale.

November: Work on more mini collections?

November 12: 2nd Friday on Fremont event again, maybe?

December 1-20: Study for finals. Work on new collection.

December 22-23: Release new collection. Have a sale.

December 24: It’s my birthday! I DEMAND GIFTS.

December 26-???: Create new website that doesn’t suck.

… And I guess that’ll take me to the end of the year! ^_^


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Shiro Cosmetics: New Pricing

Hey guys!

So I’ve been going over my income and expenses and whatnot, and I’m going to be making a few very small changes to my current pricing structure in order to help with financial viability. The following changes will be going live on Friday, September 10, 2010:

-2 of my current bulk pricing sets are going to be modified. Under the new bulk pricing, you can get the following discounts:

  • 10% off 5+ colors (this is unchanged)
  • 15% off 15+ colors
  • 20% off 30+ colors

-Free shipping over $35 will no longer apply to international orders. I’m really sorry about this, but orders over $35 generally cost me around $10 to ship overseas, and it’s tough to pay that entirely out-of-pocket. The $3.50 flat rate will still apply.

I apologize for these changes, but there have been a few times recently when I’ve ended up losing money for several hours’ work, and I can’t continue to do that. I believe the prices are still very fair and competitive (the changes are honestly very small; depending on what you’re buying it shouldn’t make more than a few dollars difference from the way it was before), and I’ll also be running reasonably frequent sales.

Thank you all so much for your support! Please don’t hate me now, okay? :c

So… September 10! Grab stuff in the next couple of days if these changes are going to affect your purchases.

By the way, a bit of good news… the new collection is coming along swimmingly, and I’m still on-track for a mid-October release. ^_^ So excited!


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Shiro Cosmetics: End of Summer

Hello, everybody!

Summer is drawing to an end, and before I head back to school, I have a few things I would like to talk about.

First: Thank you all so very, very much for your support! From what I’ve seen and heard, I’ve gathered that it’s more or less unheard of for a business on Etsy to enjoy so much success so soon after its inception. I truly appreciate each and every order I receive, and take none of it for granted. Thanks to all of you, I’m slowly being put in a position where I could, very viably, make Shiro Cosmetics into my full-time job. That would be absolutely amazing, as I love every minute of the work I do. So, thank you all! ❤

In case anybody is worried about the “going back to school” thing, let me reassure you that I have no intention of dropping Shiro at all. I’ve scheduled my classes on MWF only, and will be home around 4:00 on those days. The only difference you should notice once I’m back in school is that orders placed on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday will ship the following day – no more same-day shipping on those days. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday orders placed before noon PST will still likely be shipped same-day. 🙂

I should probably mention the current state of my collections… The Super Effective Collection is finished for now, topping out with a total of 40 colors, 25 of which were suggestions from fans.

Now that that’s finished, I’m working on making 3-piece mini-collections along different themes. These themes will retain the geekiness which you’d expect from Shiro Cosmetics, but will be somewhat more tailored to the general public in that they will not involve Pokemon. My goal with these is to capture the attention of local retailers, which will allow me to (hopefully) start making a reasonably steady income, because that would be fantastic.

So far, I have one mini-collection completed. The theme is iShadow.

The 3-piece mini-collections sell for $18 apiece. I know this is charging $6 per shadow, which is more than my usual $5, but the graphic design and packaging is much more expensive and labor-intensive than my “normal” shadows and I wanted to make sure I could still charge a wholesale price that would allow me to make it worthwhile. So that’s my justification. 😛

Meanwhile, I’m also working on a larger collection which I hope to release sometime in October. A few of you might already know the theme. If you do, please don’t share – I like making surprises!

So, I think that’s it for now. Thank you all for an amazing summer, and I hope you’ll love what’s coming up next!


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Shiro Cosmetics: Upcoming

Hey, guys! I have some cool things planned for this summer with Shiro Cosmetics, and I thought I’d share a bit so you know what’s (hopefully) coming up!

Current Project

Right now, my attention is focused on creating the Super Effective Expansion: an addition to the original Super Effective Collection. This expansion is comprised entirely of colors which were requested by various awesome people online, and will likely consist of 20 or 25 new colors by the time all’s said and done. 3 of the new colors (Rattata, Jigglypuff, and Butterfree) are available via my Etsy shop at the time of this posting. I also have Golem, Sudowoodo, Gengar, and Meowth waiting in the wings, and the following colors are on my to-do list:

  • Clefairy
  • Seaking
  • Moltres
  • Zapdos
  • Psyduck
  • Umbreon
  • Manectric
  • Spiritomb
  • Shaymin
  • Dunsparce
  • Budew

If you have any other colors you’d like to see, feel free to comment and let me know!

Next Project

Once the Super Effective Expansion is complete, I’m going to be moving on to a few mini-collections before the next big collection is released. These mini-collections will each include 3 full-size shadows (unique to the collections) that look super nice together, and will be packaged in a very fancy way. Actually, I’m kind of hoping to sell these packs in local boutiques if I can. So that’ll be exciting. Two mini-collections are already planned, color- and theme-wise, and I’m brainstorming the third.

Website Update

This isn’t a huge priority, but my current website annoys me. The webstore is functional but not as convenient as it could be, and I hate not being able to access HTML mode while still maintaining an integrated shopping cart. So, sometime when I have enough money to do so, I’m going to be switching web hosts, and it will be fantastic.

I guess that’s all for now! I kind of thought this would be longer, but I can’t think of anything else off the top of my head, so I’m going to go pack up orders now. 😀

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Shiro Cosmetics is Live!

15 new, original, 100% vegan eyeshadow colors are now available for purchase here! I’m looking forward to creating many more.

I feel as though I should write something touching and inspiring here about my “journey,” but… well. It’s eyeshadow. It’s highly pigmented, foils beautifully, isn’t repackaged, et cetera. I feel like I’m bragging, but honestly I do think it’s pretty nice. I’d love some outside opinions, though! Honest reviews are always, always appreciated.

And speaking of reviews, I’ll be posting one about Fyrinnae in the next couple of days! 🙂