Intertubes and Moar

It’s probably about time I updated this thing considering I’ve released two new collections since the last business-related update, huh? I suppose there’s not much point in “introducing” the Legends Collection, which has been around for months, but I can tell you about last week’s latest (and greatest?) release: Intertubes!

Intertubes are basically a combination of all of my favorite things about lip products. They’re moisturizing, non-sticky, long-lasting, slightly glossy, flavored, colored (usually), and nerdy. They come in those adorable little oval tubes and the labels are waterproof. They’re also vegan – no carmine and no beeswax. However, there the similarities end: some of them stain for all-day color and some of them don’t. Some are opaque and some are sheer. Some have long cats* and some do not. Therefore, for the sake of accurate consistency in all listings, I decided to call them Tubes of Win.

The vegan-ness actually presented me with an interesting dilemma during the formulation process. Even though my products are vegan, I myself am not, and I happen to absolutely love the feel of beeswax in lip balms. Most of the vegan lip products I’ve tried which use candelilla or carnauba wax are too hard for me, and apply too thin and oily-feeling. I decided to go with candelilla wax for my Intertubes, since it has a lower melting point than carnauba wax and was therefore, I figured, slightly more similar to beeswax. I then used the wax in different proportions with shea butter and jojoba oil until something fantastic happened: I found a recipe that feels very similar to a beeswax-based balm. Achievement unlocked!

(Please note that all claims made in the previous paragraph about the nature of various waxes are based only on my personal experience. I’ve liked the feel of almost every balm I’ve tried which contains beeswax, and have been iffy on every balm I’ve tried where candelilla or carnauba wax is used and beeswax is not. OBSERVATIONAL SCIENCE.)

So, those are the Intertubes! Now on to the next thing I wanted to post about…

People have been increasingly concerned lately that naming my products after Nintendo’s characters is a violation of their trademarks. There are a number of reasons I’m unconcerned about being sued by Nintendo, but I also don’t want to make anyone nervous or upset for any reason, and making the names more subtle does appeal to me on a few different levels anyway. So, I’m going to be working on renaming most of my Super Effective and Legends collections over the next few months whenever I have time (ha). When I start changing the names over, I’ll post a list of what everything has been renamed so that you’ll be able to locate your old favorites easily. If this makes you sad and you favor the old names, you can… I don’t know, send me a conversation when you order and ask for yours to be labeled as they were originally. Sure.

Oh, and one last thing! My turnaround time at the moment is up to 7 business days, which is kind of long but still (I think?) within the boundaries of a “reasonable” turnaround time for an independently operated, handmade business. Recently I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries from customers after 6-8 days of their order as to where their packages are, and a lot of these inquiries come one or two days after I’ve already shipped their package out. I always send a conversation via Etsy on the evening that an order is placed to let you know when I’ll have it out and, if you live in the US, I’ll give you a tracking number as well. Sometimes Etsy doesn’t send email notifications to let you know that you have a conversation, so please check that out before asking me about your package – thank you!

*actually, only one has a long cat.

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12 thoughts on “Intertubes and Moar

  1. Nuuuuuuu! Terrible news *cries*

    I LOVED the fact that your products were named after Nintendo stuff, I was a mega nintendo geek when I was younger (in fact, who am I kidding? I still AM a mega nintendo geek :P) and I loved having makeup related to that.

    Have you got a ball park figure yet on roughly when these changes are gonna take place so I can get my order in beforehand? Also cannot wait to try your intertubes!

    • Don’t cry! They’re still going to be recognizably inspired by Nintendo things, they’re just not going to be directly named after trademarked names. For example, I think I’m going to rename Jigglypuff “Fun with Markers,” and Pikachu will be something like “Pika Pika.” Still totally geeky. 🙂

      Dunno when the changes are going to take place yet – I’d imagine in the next 2 months or so?

  2. Emily says:

    Aww bye bye Pokemon 😦

    Well I hope you get things figured out okay, and I’ll still be happy to order from you. The products will still be the same, and who know, maybe the new names will be even better?! ;D

    P.S. 3 Wolf Moon looks awesome. So does Over 9000. And Yo Dawg too, while I’m at it! lol <33

  3. Evonne says:

    I think you’ve done a pretty good job of being subtle with many of the names so far — and I think a lot of the subtle names are even better. Also! Where is my intertube?! Just kidding. 😉 It’ll be here any minute now, and then I win!!

  4. I’m just wondering when a Mega Man collection is coming out. It was such a short game, but I LOVED Mega Man X! And maybe a mini-collection based on Portal? ❤ ❤ ❤

  5. Ana mentioned samples in clamshells; are they in the works? I’d like to order samples of different colors with a full-size tube or two, since I’m lipcolor-phobic. 🙂

  6. Kate D says:

    Oh no! Not the names! 😦
    Does that mean I have to re-order to do new drawings?

  7. Natalie says:

    You’ve finally tipped me over into wanting to try these. I have loved the concept, names, and the whole idea since you introduced it but now I’m getting off my butt and I’m gonna get some. /faint

  8. Amber says:

    Thank you for the post!
    I don’t think 7 days for the TAT is too unreasonable. I will still be placing my order this week. 🙂

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