Shiro Cosmetics: End of Summer

Hello, everybody!

Summer is drawing to an end, and before I head back to school, I have a few things I would like to talk about.

First: Thank you all so very, very much for your support! From what I’ve seen and heard, I’ve gathered that it’s more or less unheard of for a business on Etsy to enjoy so much success so soon after its inception. I truly appreciate each and every order I receive, and take none of it for granted. Thanks to all of you, I’m slowly being put in a position where I could, very viably, make Shiro Cosmetics into my full-time job. That would be absolutely amazing, as I love every minute of the work I do. So, thank you all! ❤

In case anybody is worried about the “going back to school” thing, let me reassure you that I have no intention of dropping Shiro at all. I’ve scheduled my classes on MWF only, and will be home around 4:00 on those days. The only difference you should notice once I’m back in school is that orders placed on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday will ship the following day – no more same-day shipping on those days. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday orders placed before noon PST will still likely be shipped same-day. 🙂

I should probably mention the current state of my collections… The Super Effective Collection is finished for now, topping out with a total of 40 colors, 25 of which were suggestions from fans.

Now that that’s finished, I’m working on making 3-piece mini-collections along different themes. These themes will retain the geekiness which you’d expect from Shiro Cosmetics, but will be somewhat more tailored to the general public in that they will not involve Pokemon. My goal with these is to capture the attention of local retailers, which will allow me to (hopefully) start making a reasonably steady income, because that would be fantastic.

So far, I have one mini-collection completed. The theme is iShadow.

The 3-piece mini-collections sell for $18 apiece. I know this is charging $6 per shadow, which is more than my usual $5, but the graphic design and packaging is much more expensive and labor-intensive than my “normal” shadows and I wanted to make sure I could still charge a wholesale price that would allow me to make it worthwhile. So that’s my justification. 😛

Meanwhile, I’m also working on a larger collection which I hope to release sometime in October. A few of you might already know the theme. If you do, please don’t share – I like making surprises!

So, I think that’s it for now. Thank you all for an amazing summer, and I hope you’ll love what’s coming up next!


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6 thoughts on “Shiro Cosmetics: End of Summer

  1. Kara says:

    Ah yes… the fun of juggling college with a business. I used to watch my Physics II lectures online last semester so I’d have an hour to pack up Ebay orders and bring them to the post office ):< What are you studying? (I would guess Business haha)

    I'm excited for the new surprise collection, although I think I have to ban myself from buying eye shadows for a long time. Best of luck with the new school year!

    • Thanks, Kara! I’m actually majoring in math and minoring in economics, although I’m definitely planning on taking a bunch of business and marketing classes (maybe get a double minor) as well as some art. 🙂

      What is/was your EBay business?

      • Kara says:

        Eww… math (no offense). Kudos to you though, it’s a subject I just can’t grasp well (and I’m a science major! the SHAME!). ^ you seem to have a good grasp of effective marketing already haha.

        I sell mostly clothing and cosmetics on Ebay and sometimes a random selection of other household objects… it’s really whatever I come across that we don’t need any more at home. I also just listed a Jewelweed salve on Etsy and I’m hoping to expand to a couple of other products as well 🙂 we’ll see how that goes with classes this semester.

    • Well, best of luck with that! 😀 Science would make a fun major, but… I dunno. I’m not terrible at it, it just doesn’t interest me quite enough to put so much work into it. What kind of science, specifically? And what’re your shop names on Etsy/Ebay?

      • Kara says:

        I’m a geology major – yes I do love rocks… and mountains… rivers… etc.

        I’m karajaco on Ebay, and kjacobacci on Etsy! I am far more established on Ebay though…

  2. Martina says:

    Hi. I found Shiro Cosmetics through, and I’m glad to see that your business is doing so well. I’m excited to try on the samples I recently ordered from you. 🙂

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